Wednesday, October 3, 2012

lucky ducky, piggy wiggy


These two cutie cousins were able to have a delightfully delicious Olivia party together at Poppy and Mom-Mom’s home in September.  They are only 3 days apart, and turning 5 is a big deal so we were able to celebrate with the whole family!


I love that I caught Poppy in the backyard playing baseball with his grandsons…and I adore that I was able to snap this shot of Caleb coaching Hudson on how to connect with the ball.  It was so fun to stand on the porch unnoticed for a while – just observing them all having fun together….and the patience that was flowing from big cuz – I was impressed!


Inside, the party was getting started and the Olivia piñata (homemade by Mom-Mom and Naomi) was being admired by the little girls – and they were anxious to get a chance to whack that poor pig!


After collecting the candy booty from the piñata, the birthday girls had a special cake to admire…and very cute Olivia cupcakes made by the talented and adored, Aunt Jenny.


I have a huge smile on my face just looking at these two pictures – they were so excited to have a party together!



All 6 Smith grandkids together….(with Uncle Jim assisting the newest grandbaby)


Little piggy wiggy, you are a lucky ducky – 2 birthday parties with people who love you, adore you, pray for you, and desire to see you grow into a beautiful little lady.

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andrea said...

love it all! gorgeous kiddos, fun, mommmy, happy family!