Friday, October 26, 2012

discovering the port

Daddy went away for a week to Texas for work, and Mommy had her first adventure of caring for three alone.  (Well, it wasn’t totally alone!  We have great family and friends that helped out…grandmom even slept at our house 2 nights to help in the mornings.) 


All week long, I had a few fun activites planned for the big kids and myself, to have something to look forward to – with the culmination of heading to Baltimore on the last evening together.  We picked up Hudson a little bit early from school and ventured to the port city – and enjoyed a beautiful evening on the town and at the children’s museum.  It was Target’s $2 admission night, and it was packed!


We met Marion and the boys there, as what is an adventure without a good friend to enjoy it with?  When we are together, it makes the difficult challenges seem less stressful, as there is someone to laugh with – I am grateful for her friendship – and the yungins are grateful for their friends as well.


Above:  at the café serving delightful diner food.

Below:  Art station – dyeing our own yarn out of kool-aid dye.

IMAG0221We finished out the night with dinner at Panera Bread – and quite a sight we were to the other patrons…7 children and 2 mommies…they had the perfect table for us.  IMAG0222

Despite the deluge of warm rain as we walked to the restaurant, it was an incredibly fun evening.

baltimore raub smith

like it always is with good friends….

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looks like a fun time!!