Thursday, October 18, 2012

happy 3 months


three months have flown by…and to document here are some of the highlights of your past month of growing….

* you blow bubbles and buzz your lips

* your hands fascinate you and you’ve found your fingers to chew on…we still think you may be looking for your thumb to suck on.

* you giggle and coo and talk (especially at night after your siblings have gone to bed – we think you know that you have our full attention!)

* you are a master pooper – well, a mini-pooper as we call you


* you had your first bottle from Miss Angie and then one from Daddy

*  you love your Baby Einstein playmat and are batting things on it like crazy!


* you bat your eyelashes and smile so much while eating that sometimes you lose all the milk in your mouth at that particular time.

* and you are so darn cute and cuddly that strangers stop mommy in the mall, on the street, at the market, in the city, to tell me how adorable you are.  Really.  They stop me.  Because they want to look at you.  One grandma even told me I should have more babies because they’d be as cute as you.

We love ya Hadleigh-bug.

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Bekah said...

Oh she is so dear! I looked for you at church today, but Luke AND Jack were both acting...umm...awful? week? I will find you!