Monday, November 1, 2010

Merry Christmas-Music!

Yup, is November 1st. That is the christening of the Christmas music being pulled out, dusted off, and played 24-7. My music-luvin-hubby found out that the cable music channel changed over to 24-7 Christmas at 5 am this morning, and as I groggily descended the steps this morning, my heart filled with joy to hear the soundtrack of my favorite holiday permeating our house. Man, that starts off a Monday right!

Truth be told, Chris has had some Christmas music out since August. Part of the job, ya know? And we have unofficially been periodically listening throughout October, because as Arizonans, we started the listening season with my fall break from teaching. To get you in the mood too, I thought I'd share my most favorite, highly anticipated album to listen too. This will be listened to a minimum of once a day...for sure.

This is a group I have come to love - Everly. The duo is phenomenal. Enjoy the acoustic, soulful, folksie music in this preview they have posted on youtube. You can download the whole 6 song EP for super's worth your money for the listening pleasure you will surely feel.


Bekah said...

Haha thats awesome! Matt put a strict ban on Christmas music until Dec. 1st. He says time goes to fast as it is, which is true, but I like to sneak a little in when he is at work!

Dana said...

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Part of the job, huh? Yeh right;O)