Thursday, November 11, 2010

‘10 Thankful Turkey

Ye ‘ole turkey was pulled from the stacked and stuffed boxes of monthly holiday decorations – and we continue our tradition of our artsy-craftsy thankful turkey.  If you missed out last year, I gave a picture by picture, step-by-step run down on this cute little guy….click here.


Here’s our man this year…complete with his most recently decorated feathers.  Those feathers are anticipating thankful messages with stuck-in-Styrofoam anticipation.  They can’t wait to be made thankful and get to join the party of feathers that dress this turkey so well. 

I love the things we talk about at dinner that we are thankful for.  Actually, once this piece of poultry hits the table, it is at breakfast, lunch and dinner because everyone wants at chance to stick him with a feather.  Hudson was so overcome with joy at decorating new, unwritten on feathers for this year, that if you look closely at the front and center, you can see he already had to write “doggie” on one.  Because, you know, we HAVE to be thankful for his blue lovey doggie. :o)

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