Monday, November 22, 2010

weapons of mass destruction: WMDs

My WMDs of choice?

  • Homeology All-Natural Glass Cleaner (shame-less linky to my website where you can get this wonderful cleaner courtesy of Gold Canyon Candles)
  • Bleach
  • Bleach in a spray bottle


Why, you ask?  OH, well, because my words have been silent for a week because everyone….everyone….in our family got sick. Seriously.  We are all on anti-biotics.  We are all on the mend.  (PRAISE THE LORD!)

But once my mama-mind realized that not just Daddy and Hudson were sick, but that I was going to be taking Anna to the doctor as well as myself one day last week, I had had enough.  Time to bring out the big guns.  Every hard surface, soft surface and toy was going to be cleaned.  No germ left unturned.  (because when three of you have strep and one has a sinus/ear infection, there ain’t no other way…)

IMG_3093 Now folks, who takes pictures of their dishwasher loaded with bathtoys, little people and other essentials?  I need to remind you all I did not have a dishwasher until July?  Yes, this modern marvel sanitized some of my toys for me. 

IMG_3094  The others?  The play kitchen food, little people, magnets, some legos, musical intsruments, dolls and assorted goodies were dunked in bleach water.  And what are you to do when you are stuck inside and can’t get out for fear of spreading your epidemic sized sicky-bugs?


You make elevators for your stuffed animals to lift up and down in the entry, you cuddle and drink hot apple juice and hot chicken broth (Hudson’s fave) and you watch a lot of movies…particularly George, Dora, The Cat in the Hat, and Phineas & Ferb.

 IMG_3099 IMG_3101

Good to be back in the land of the living…put up our Christmas lights on the exterior of the house today.  Mid-sixties and sunny in November were calling my name.  Next on the list?  I almost feel good enough to get my running shoes back on.


Thanksgiving foods may need to take priority – who can get better without a full tummy? :)


Tracy Watanabe said...

Get well Smithies

Bekah said...

yow! This hit you guys hard! We have been sick but not like you guys! Still...looks like you made the best of it!