Sunday, November 7, 2010

Barn bargains

Saturday morning Ang called me and asked me to accompany her to a nearby antique barn…my response when I only had one child and was headed to a party?  Yes, of course!  I had to share these amazing finds…and these are only three of the 12 things I got for 30.00.IMG_8084 I love the inscription on the milk bottle to the right. “Leave me a note for delicious eggs, buttermilk, party dip, butter, cottage cheese, sour cream”.IMG_8081 Gorgeous old runner sled….perfect for out front with Christmas greens on it. (With help from my flora & fauna expert, Angie.)IMG_8082 This beauty is headed to the top of my cabinets in the kitchen for the time being…someday to be lower and accessible, but since it was already pilfered once for a creation, I had to scavenge and retrieve it from the pirates.  When I picked this one up, I was thinking that Aunt Cindy would be jealous – even if it is Pepsi and not Coca-Cola.


Bekah said...

thats awesome! I love antique-ing! Or...junking...depends on the finds! Which barn?

Emily said...

I went and downloaded your Christmas cd suggestion right away! LOVE IT!