Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, my love!

This past Saturday was Chris’ bday. . .  he turned 33 (am I allowed to say that?) and had a funny revelation.  He says it is all downhill after 33 because Jesus died at 33.   I guess Chris figures if Jesus died at 33, that must’ve been the peak of his life, so God figured to be merciful! 

I was able to steal him away on a semi-surprise overnight getaway to Baltimore.  I had to tell him we had plans at the beginning of the week, because he was supposed to have obligations at church on Saturday…or so he thought.  With the kids safely in Grandmom’s care, we drove to Baltimore to the Hotel Monaco – it was so architecturally impressive – it used to be the old B&O railroad station.  IMG_3084Yup, the same one.  The one on the Monopoly board that everyone fights for.  We enjoyed just standing in the grand foyer several times; you could almost hear the bustle of shoes on the floor, coats swishing past as hurried feet take travelers to the waiting steam engines, the whoosh of the white billows as released from their boiled water furnaces, the clear-cut tin whistle as it departed the station. IMG_3082

Before we had left home, Chris had received a few birthday packages in the mail and he was quick to open them.  Ahh, his family knows his heart well – Back to the Future 1,2, & 3 (re-released with additional bonus scenes on Blu-Ray: come on, you didn’t know?).  Yes, all weekend he wanted to do this Marty-look-at-your-watch-pose.  I nixed it.  Once was enough.


We stepped out into the balmy November air (gotta love 60s this time of year) and were whisked away by restaraunt shuttle to an awesome seafood restaraunt on the harbor.  Now, when I say on the harbor, I mean….ON the harbor.  It juts over the water and creates this gorgeous view of the Charm City against the Chesapeake.IMG_3073 IMG_3075

When in Baltimore, there is no other choice than to partake of crab in some manner.  They are famous for their cream of crab soup, jumbo lump meat crab cakes, shrimp stuffed with crab – you think it, they got it!  Our server picked up on a mere mention of celebrating a birthday and surprised Chris with this delightful dessert after dinner.


After dinner we went to a dueling piano bar to take in some fun, impromptu and totally unplanned music, grabbed some hot drinks at Panera and relaxed.  We slept in late – hallelujah – and set out to enjoy beautiful fall day.  We caught a street performance, walked the harbor and ate treats.  It was a relaxing and fun getaway to rejuvenate and celebrate the man I am proud to call my best friend, and my husband.

IMG_3087 IMG_3091

The man who is not only full of integrity and strives everyday to be more like Christ, but is also an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G father and friend.  Happy Birthday Chris.  We love you!IMG_8096


Bekah said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Happy birthday! (Now I feel bad for seeing him Sunday and not wishing him a Happy bday!)

Angie said...

LOVE the last picture with Chris and the kids!!! It's wall-worthy!!

...and a very happy birthday to Marty McFly :)

Natalie Donald said...

Okay this is so sweet it made m cry! I hope I get to marry my best friend one day. :)