Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!


Yup…he wanted to be a root beer bottle. And Anna…the infamous “wer-maid”.

A few pictures from our fun trick-or-treat weekend….Saturday night we had our small group over for dinner and candy gobbling….Sunday we had to put on our costumes again (because they loved them) and just stopped by our friends’ neighborhood for a few homes with them as well.  Enjoy the spooktacular shots..  IMG_8041 IMG_8042 IMG_8046 IMG_8048 IMG_8051 

The crew…Harry, Root Beer, Luigi, Mario, Benaiah the Lion, Cinderella, Ariel the Mermaid and Caesar

IMG_8064 IMG_8074   IMG_3023 IMG_3029 IMG_3033 IMG_3036


little sisters will NOT be left behind…

what a good big brother….

what great friends and a fun time!  Thanks to everyone!

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Bekah said...

thanks for having us!! We had a great time!