Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Hauntings

The not-too-far away wonderland park that we enjoy going to is having their annual October Happy Hauntings.  Last year we didn’t go, but this year’s activities made me wish we had.  As season pass holders, it cost nothing for us to attend, and the kids (and Daddy and Mommy) had a blast.


After Sunday afternoon naps all around, we quickly rummaged in our dress-up box and came up with some suitable costumes for trick-or-treating in the park.  It was really fun to see how many little ones (as the park is really targeted toward ages birth-8) recognized Woody and Princess Ariel.


This is Hugs and Banana’s favorite ride together – it goes in an oval and whips around the ends – they LOVE it.

 IMG_8015  IMG_8019  IMG_8024 IMG_8027 

Where the waterpark is during the summer, there is a trick or treat trail…the park is affiliated with Hershey’s, so there were GOOD candies on every one of these stops!


Mommy even got to ride the Frog Hopper with Hudson and Anna…only one adult can ride at a time, so I had never gotten a chance to do it – but this time I did.  Man, it was fun!

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