Thursday, October 28, 2010

quotable quotes

Hudson:  I’m gonna be Root Beer for Halloween!

Anna:  Root Be-Beer?  I LOVE Root Be-Beer!

Hudson: You could be popcorn to go with my root beer, Anna…that’d be cool.

Anna:  Nope.  You be Root-Be-Beer, I’m gonna be a wermaid. (mermaid) :o)


Hudson:  Mom, how do people get married?  Like, why do names change when you get married and do boys ask girls to get married?

(Mommy answers this question to the best of her ability)

Hudson:  Well, don’t worry about Anna marrying anyone.  Cuz I’m gonna ask Anna to marry me because she’s my best friend, and we play together, and I love her very much.

(I hear the collective “ahhhhh!”)

Hudson praying at dinner last night….

Dear God,

     Thank you for this yummy food.  Thank you for my teacher Mrs. Smith because I love her.  Please help her daughter to feel better so I don’t have a substitute again.  Thank you for my substitute Mrs. H.  She was nice.  Thank you for Daddy and Mommy and Anna.  Amen.

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