Thursday, May 31, 2012

strawberry pickin’

First round of strawberry pickin’ was done last weekend over the holiday weekend – and my-oh-my was it gorgeous!  We ate most of our strawberries and froze a few for future smoothies – but most of them went in our tummies!  Our strawberry patch is about 2 miles from our home, so we don’t have far to travel – a benefit of living in a semi-rural area!


If you haven’t been to a strawberry patch, you gotta get down, you gotta get dirty and you gotta search underneath the big leafy vegetation for beautiful, rich red sweetness from God himself.  (We like strawberries a lot…..)


My current body did not allow me to get down as long as I was anticipating, but I had some good helpers to makeup for my shortfall!


Hudson was very meticulous in his search – he was such a good big brother; he’d find a “gold mine” and then tell Anna where to pick!


Of course, some of us were more inclined to eat more than we picked – eh hem, pictured below ;o)


I am so grateful that we live in a place that we can have fun together, outside, without technology, and make great memories together.  Looking forward to the next round – and then on to blueberry picking and cherries soon!


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