Friday, May 25, 2012

soccer star


Hudson loves to run, and soccer is a sport that lets him do that in abundance!  Sometimes he is more interested in talking to the adults on the field or chatting it up with the opponent, but he is a fast little guy when he remembers where he is!  :o)


As the youngest player on the u-8 team, Hudson did a great job this spring in Soccer.  His coach said at his team party that Hudson showed amazing improvement and was a great “hustler” by the end of the season when he began to catch on to the game. 


The last time he played was 2 years ago, so we think he did wonderfully!  He’s trying to decide currently if he wants to play in the fall or go for swimming lessons again.

Bubba – so proud of you for sticking to something tough and working hard to improve!  Great job!

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