Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Part-ay for a 7 year old

Our Bubba turned seven last week and we celebrated with some of his friends from church and school at a local park.  Hudson accurately stated, “I just need to tell the weathermen that it will always be nice on my birthday…cuz it is!”  And he’s right.  Every birthday party we’ve ever had has been on a fairly warm and comfortable day – and 6/7 have been sunny!


He choose a “sports” theme for his party, so the park was perfect. (That and we just like parties at the park because of entertainment and visual beauty value!)  After eating hot dogs, fruit kabobs and chips, the kids split and some played on the playground while the three dads present helped to set up a game of wiffle ball.


Opening presents and having cupcakes was next on the list – and then on to the ultimate warm day May water gun fight!


No party at a park is complete (for my kids) until they’ve thoroughly soaked themselves in the creeks that abound at our parks.  After all our school friends left, the families that remained allowed their kids to get dirty and wet building a dam and catching critters in the creek.  The little ones even found a spot deep enough for them to swim a bit.  I guess when it is 84 the 65 degree water feels good.


All in all, Hudson declared his party a smashing and fun success…and while it wasn’t high tech or loaded with extras, that is all that matters to me!

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The Wyler Family said...

looks like a great time! sweet boy!