Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bump Watch 27-30

The baby bump is for sure growing! 

Week 27


Week 28 (self-portraits)


Week 29


Week 30

30 weeks

The baby room now has the furniture in it – thanks to some manly-men friends and this coming week my awesome hubby is taking a day to help paint the room…it’s all coming together, and it’s getting a little bit more real. 

Feeling fabulous, but can tell the difference in my energy level – I’m spent by the time bedtime for the littles rolls around.  Doctor asked me if I had any inkling whether the baby is a boy or girl, and I said I have no clue.  Of course, everyone has their own opinion and the share freely…even the checkout girl at the smoothie stand. My standard response is that I am carrying the same way that I did with my boy and my girl, so I don’t think that has anything to do with the guessing game for this baby!

And…Happy Mother’s Day to all of my fabulous mamas, grandmamas, and fantastic friends.  Much love to you all.

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