Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our teeny Ballerina

Our teeny ballerina has a ballet-ball showing off her newly acquired dance skill at the community center dance show.  Her small class performed “bananaphone” (Raffi lovers know the song!) and looked so cute in their tutus and hair bows they could’ve been eaten.

Curtseying for mama…


Emerson and Anna checking their fabulously self-applied sparkly lipgloss.




Ring-ring-ring-ring Bananaphone!


The troupe…


All in all, taking ballet at the community center was the perfect choice for our little ballerina.  It was low stress, low key, and she got to wear her dress up tutus every week for practice.  The “serious” dance schools get as specific for their dancers as to even the color of underwear and how the hair must be for practice.  I think Anna loved that her dance teacher always wondered what color tutu she was going to show up in for rehearsals.  She did a fabulous job, and of course, 4 and 5 year olds dancing together is so sweet that you can barely handle it.  There were a TON of ahhs when the curtain opened on these cuties – followed by thunderous applause at the conclusion of their 3 minute song.


Leslie said...

What a precious doll!!! And the community center (rather than a serious, crazy dance school at age 4) sounds like a wonderful idea. I'll keep it in mind. Wonderful photos.

crazybeautifulchaos said...

I agree Leslie!

Emily said...

So so adorable! Samantha is starting a ballet/tap class this summer and is so excited! Not at a community center (they do give you two options of colors of outfits to wear, but thankfully there are no hairdo rules), but I better check just to make sure! It's hard enough just doing her hair in any style, let alone a mandated one! :)