Sunday, October 4, 2009

soccer by a 4 year old

This is Hudson.


This is Hudson kicking a soccer ball for his team, the Red Flames :)


This is Hudson performing a “throw-in” from the sideline.


And folks, bless my son, he likes to kick the ball if he is by himself or the coach hands him the ball to do a throw-in.  But he doesn’t quite yet get the idea of chasing down the ball and trying to kick it before the other players. 

He’d much rather do this.


Or talk to the coach.  Or play imagination while the rest of the team is at the other end of the field.  Or pick handfuls of grass and watch what happens when the autumn breeze takes them from his hand lifted above his head.

Bless him, he tries.  When he remembers what he is supposed to be doing, he runs after the pack of the rest of the kids while they are following the ball; so at least he’s headed in the right direction!  At this point it is necessary to remind fans that he is four.  Four.  Four and a few months.  And most of the other kids on the team are 5 and 6, and have been on the team for at least 2 seasons (fall and spring).  And what I need to remind myself - as I laugh hysterically at his nonchalant attitude - was that the point of trying this is to see if he likes it, to have fun with other kids his age (he loves the games his coaches play at practice) and to be outside in this region we have chosen to live in.


This is his good friend holding his hand and pulling him around the field.  She really wanted to see him get to be close to the ball.  So she took matters into her own hands.  And thanks to her, Hudson was ‘credited’ with his first assist, as they were holding hands when she scored! :o)

This is Hudson’s loyal cheering section….


God bless them.


Knocker Boys said...

Woa, he looks like his dad!

Knocker Boys said...

These pictures are so clear. Did you use your camera?

Chris said...

yup, I love my canon eos digital rebel xt!!!! And my super zoom lens that chris got me. It is SUPER DUPER!