Friday, October 2, 2009

princess love has begun

our little baby is becoming a little girl – even though it pains me to even type that!  She has begun recently to love “babies” (her dolls) and is very fastidious in her care for them…although she does carry them at times dangling by their feet or arms.

She talks with a very serious face, “Mommy, baby tired.  Baby nap.” And she will proceed to lay her baby down on a blanket or in her new baby bed she got for her birthday.

But what I have found most interesting of late is her new found love of princesses.  What is it about these mystical creatures that draw little girls into the love of frills and wands, crowns and prince charmings?  Ah, no, I have not forgotten the deep psychological reasoning – the longing to be saved, scooped up and to live happily ever after.


She loves this princess castle.  First off, she is in love with Little People and the whole collection.  It’s not just the castle.  But since this rockin’ birthday gift, our Banana has been quite enthralled with this castle full of dancing ‘peepul’ and the horse that you can brush the hair.  The castle sings, plays music and provides endless imagination opportunities.  She sits for a long period of time in princess pretending world.IMG_6086

Here’s to princesses, princes, and imagination!  (oh, and our adorable live little princess :o)

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Knocker Boys said...

I know that we're supposed to enjoy the moment and all, but can you imagine when Hudson's in Kindergarten and Anna's in her room playing with princesses for hours???? So many possibilities. :)