Wednesday, October 14, 2009

recovery….in more than one way

After a long day of traveling on Monday, this is what our kids did almost immediately after getting into the rental car.  They needed to recover from a lllloooonnnggg day and airplane ride.IMG_1031 IMG_1030 Tuesday morning brought a breakfast out at our fave little breakfast place here in town…..well, one of the only restaurants in town, The Red Sage.  Then it was off to Wal-Mart we went to stock up on basic groceries for our stay – and a few things that were forgotten.

While Daddy and Anna took a recovery morning nap, Hudson and Mommy took at walk through the community to say hi to our friends and see places we enjoyed while we lived here.  First Hudson wanted to hit Grammy Lyn’s, but to his dismay, she sold her house and doesn’t live that close by anymore…although we will get to see her while we are here. 

We then stepped into Tracy’s drive and called out to her.  We got to chat with Tracy and Emma from the window and at least talk in person – that’s good, right?  I mean, at least it isn’t from across the country on a phone or on Skype (although we do love Skype.)

We had a delightful lunch and some swim time with Reggie and Mary at their resort in Queen Valley.  Now, if you think Gold Canyon is in the middle of no where, wait til you check out Queen Valley.  It is about 15 minutes farther than where we leave but after you leave our town, you best well hope you don’t have any critical needs until you reach there – it ain’t nuttin but coyotes, cactus and rattlesnakes.  And the gorgeous rugged landscape of the Superstitions. IMG_1059


Reg and Mary are special people in our lives; and not only because they are originally from the same area of NJ that Chris is from.  (He never knew them back there – we met here!)  Chris loves Reg for his love and passion for worshipping Christ through the bass guitar.  Hudson, Anna and Mommy love Mary for her sitting and loving on the little people so Mommy could serve in the worship arts ministry.  And we all love them because of their compassion and their hearts for Christ.

After yet another nap time, :o) we got to go have dinner with the infamous Yochim family.  Now really, seriously, infamous.  You can’t have a conversation with Hudson about Arizona without him mentioning Merle, and honestly, neither can I.  We got to hang out with the Yochims for dinner, Anna took a dip in the pool – I should say a “skinny dip”…IMG_1084played with Pirate…the rockin’ dual-eye-colored Aussie pup….IMG_1083  and had an awesome time of fellowship and catching up.  (Plus, one never, ever, ever leaves Merle’s house hungry.  Never.  And our family are happy recipients of that food love.)

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