Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Anna NO

IMG_6291 Can you read it?  Hudson is proud of the sign he made all by himself.  Literally.  He took out paper and a crayon and sat at the table….and wrote this… IMG_6288even before she was awake.  He was apparently very concerned that his carefully constructed train track would be destroyed – along with the dinosaur land he had set up.  I guess we forgot to tell him that Anna can’t read.  Oh well – he thought it did the job! :)IMG_6287


Tracy said...

Lov'n it!

Knocker Boys said...

I think it might be the first of many keep out signs.

Nice handwriting, by the way.

Knocker Boys said...

P.S. Did you re-arrange Hudson's room?

Flamingo Mama said...

that is too cute!!! what a great thing to post to keep as a memory because someday you will forget he did this!

he does have wonderful penmanship! ;0