Tuesday, October 13, 2009

elation. joy. sadness.

Landing in Phoenix – elation and relief.  After 5.5 hours on the plane (darn that mid-fall jet stream coming West!), we were elated to deplane and hit solid ground…never mind that it felt like 9:30 to our children.  They were so excited that they could barely contain themselves – and they did wonderfully the entire flight. 

The flight attendant commented on how well they did and how cute they were ;) – AND that we obviously have done this before (due to the activities, plane presents and appropriate snackage/dinner items).  Little did she know this was probably Hudson’s 30th plane flight or something like that.  He’s so used to it that when he sits down in his seat he says “do the drill” and I hand him anti-bacterial wipes and he wipes off his tray, seat, seatbelt and arm rests.  He knows.  Anna follows.  :)

Joy at the prospect of seeing framily.  No I didn’t misspell that.  ‘Round these parts, framily are friends that are more like family.  And they are.  We desperately miss them and are excited to get to spend some time with them.

Sadness.  Yes, the divine Miss Emma has the swine flu.  That’s a playmate down for Hudson and Anna.  And because Miss Em is quarantined, that means that her momma is too.  And that means Mommy gets to spend no time doing fun things with her best friend.  Tracy is busy taking care of Em and the rest of the family is banished to the casita (guest house).

We are enjoying our time at our house.  Loving it actually.  You can’t beat the weather – and the sunshine is abundant.  More to come soon – gotta chase Anna.

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