Friday, October 16, 2009

so, here’s the more than one way part…

Wednesday was sure to bring lots of new possibilities as we started off the morning just as we used to – a walk to the school to say hello to Mr. Larry (the principal and our friend), and then a run.  Man, I really miss running here.  First, it’s gorgeous.  Really.  Can you complain about running while looking at the majesty of mountains like this while you go?superstitionbackyard

My legs get tired long before I ever really want to stop – I can breathe clearly and there’s never a lack of sidewalks or trails in the desert.  There aren’t massive hills – although, I think I am a stronger runner thanks to the hills at home, now. 

Next on the agenda was a haircut for the boys from our favorite barber, Don the Barber.  He was delighted to see Chris and especially Hudson.  He kept telling his other customers, “I’ve been cutting this young man’s hair since when he had to sit in his Mama’s lap!”   IMG_1099

Daddy had the delight of spending the day with his good friend Tom and the rest of our crew went to Merle’s to eat and play.  Anna has been fighting a cold since Sunday, and I should’ve known something was wrong with Hudson the minute that he didn’t want to get in the pool. (Meanwhile, Anna played in the water the entire time, while Hudson got a warm bath to warm up….) After we got home for naps, I took his temp, and it was 102.5  That may not sound like much to you, but this is a boy who does not get a temp, and doesn’t act sick unless he is really sick…and he was laying on the couch and the floor and not wanting to move.

I’m gonna skip ahead a bit at his point – 24 hours or so to today, Thursday.  Because when they both had a slight fever this am, I called our old pediatrician (who still had us on file – praise the LORD) and we took them in this afternoon.  At this point, they are pretty sure that both kids are fighting something bacteria based and put them both on Antibiotics.

Hudson’s one ear is not infected, but on the way there most likely, has a bad sinus-y gunk, and the reddest throat the dr. said he’s seen all week.  Anna has a red throat, a stuffy nose and one of her tubes is clogged.  So, we are recovering.  Trying to.  It’s hard and good at the same time because they want to be outside, and they want to see everyone (as do we!).  We’re able to stay very entertained, but we also are trying to make sure we all rest as much as possible. 

Hudson’s fever was down all day and we had fun at the pumpkin patch farm with Merle and Carmen.  But it’s evening now, and it is back up to where we started.  We’re praying the antibiotics do the trick and their bodies start to heal…or we may be staying a little longer to get better before plane rides.  Wait, maybe that doesn’t sound so bad after all! :)

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Knocker Boys said...

Awww. That really stinks! Poor little guys and poor Mommy & Daddy. Oh, and I can't believe it about Em and Tracy with the swine flu. I'm glad that you were able to get in to see the pediatrician right away. Seriously, Hudson didn't want to swim!? I'll pray for you.