Friday, September 17, 2010

soccer star

Hudson had a fun season of soccer last year – if you’re “framily” you know the challenge it was for the athletically and competitive spirits in our extended family to watch him at age 4.  Really, he is such a lover (a quality that I pray never leaves him) and that came across last year.  He was more interested in making sure everyone had a friend, or flowers, than where the ball was.

So when the time came around this year to pick a fall activity, we were a bit surprised when he said he’d like to play soccer again.  So be it!  It’s his choice.  It seems that a year of gross-motor development has done him well! ;o)  It hasn’t stopped him from fraternizing while playing, but he follows the ball and sometimes chooses to kick it.  It is fun to watch him with his teammates….so while we refused to pay 25.00 for a picture by the professional “photographer”, I couldn’t resist capturing one of my own.


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Knocker Boys said...

Great smile! I'm so glad that you didn't pay the $25.