Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hudson’s first day…more pics

Because I know all our “framily” wants the scoop….IMG_1099

Anna had to get in on all the photos!


Walking up to the bus stop.


Talking to his teacher about his new airplane backpack.


Making sure he and his buddy Caleb were with each other to walk into the school.

He was so sweet as we sat down to dinner.  He gave us a play by play of the day and he wanted to add a praise card and a prayer card to our box on the table.  His “praise” was a good first day of school, and his “prayer” was for his new friends at Kindergarten.   I am so glad he LOVED his first day!

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Knocker Boys said...

I'm so distracted by the cuteness of Anna's dress and Anna that I forgot that the post was about Hudson. Poor guy. Being upstaged by her.