Thursday, September 9, 2010

Princess Party

Princess Anna is set to turn three next week, so we decided to have a little soiree to celebrate three (almost) delightful years of beautiful, bubbly Anna.  She was so excited all day looking forward to her “fwends” coming and when “Vey-ah” arrived, she could barely contain herself….and there were more girls to come!  She has a lot of boy friends.  It just happens that a lot of boys belong to the families we chill out with most.  She was cool with them.  She wanted them to party.  But, the fact that Katie, Emerson and Neveah would play dollhouse and dress up like princesses with her?  That made her ecstatic!


The “Duke and Duchess” invited all royal subjects to attend a feast in honor of her highness, Princess Anna (well, that was the evite at least.)  If you came, you were a most honored guest and treated as if belonging to the royal family.  All kingdom subjects were given the option to create their own crown for the event.  This is the princess hard at work on her jewel placement and glitter glue adornments.


The handsome Prince and his Posse desired to eat secluded, in a camping area in part of the castle grounds.  And yes, many of these paupers chose to treat themselves royally with crowns as well.  (they were drying for during dessert time)


The delicate flowers distanced themselves from the rambunctious boys and supped together on fluffy, luxurious picnic quilts.


After the main course, the honored guests were invited to join the princess in necklace or bracelet making.


The long-awaited “all hail the princess” Birthday Song.

IMG_7766 IMG_7767

Each of Princess Anna’s guests were treated to gifts from the Royal Treasury on top of their cupcakes.  Disney Princess rings!  The Princess herself had quite a collection, as you can see.



The princess was showing off her new Cinderella dress to her beloved Uncle B.

IMG_7780 IMG_7784 IMG_7787Special thanks from the Duchess, Princess, Prince and Duke for those royal subjects that took the time out of their days off to celebrate Anna’s birthday.  We had a blast!IMG_2432


Flamingo Mama said...

awww! love the picture of them together. especially love the pic of anna at the end. too cute!

A Little R&R said...

Oh my word! She would soooooo get along with my nieces (Snow White and Cinderella. LOL!!!). I just attended a princess party for my youngest niece and another one is coming up the end of this month. Girls are so much fun!

I am following you from GMGs.

Tracy said...

so cute
missing you all so much
ps your hair is long =)