Sunday, September 5, 2010

sink or float?

You know, that old Letterman gameshow?  :o)  Not really, I just had to reference it because Chris and I used to love that segment on Letterman….then again, that was when we lived as West-Coasters and Letterman came on at 10:30 and we actually could watch it!

It’s been a warm week and my littles are water people.  Actually, that may be an understatement.  I think they would live in water if they could.  I attribute it to how much time I spent in the pools in Arizona while I was pregnant with both of them.  If I have an activity that involves water – they are both full attention and will play for quite a while.IMG_2522 So we choose to do a float or sink science experiment.  I chose a variety of objects and we made a chart.  They helped me fill a bucket full of water and our experimenting began.  They were both great predict-ers!  Before each object, they would each make their prediction –and Anna had a mind of her own.  She wouldn’t always just say what Hudson said.  Hugs enjoyed marking the results on the chart.

IMG_2523And as always with every water project….it becomes play time afterwards! :o)


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Flamingo Mama said...

my kids LOVE to do the sinking/floating thing too. i like the tally idea to go along with it. may have to whip that out next time.