Friday, May 14, 2010

a visit to the dairy

Hudson’s preschool (he goes 2 or 3 mornings a week from 9 – 11:30) does some really fun activities and parents are always invited.  Anna and I tagged along to one of the latest – a trip to the dairy farm!  Anna was in heaven because her best boy bud, Daniel was there with his big brother, Caleb.  Hudson and Caleb get along rather fabulously as well, so it works out for us mommies!IMG_1974 

I think they were all plotting how they were going to be mischievous and get away with it….

 IMG_1978Best buds off to do some damage – well, not too much.  They were holding hands. :o)  Hudson and Anna were also “milking” this water cow.


A couple of the fun activities that you can do on this farm?  Hang out with the free range chickens, bottle feed the newborn calves, pet the horses, see the mamas that are about to give birth in the next few weeks, tour the milking parlor, see the tanks where they homogenize the milk, see the bottling process  and watch the ice cream being made!  The little farm store to get fresh milk and ice cream rocks – plus, they have yummy treats like celery & pimento cheese, homemade block cheeses, homemade chicken salad and soups as well.


And if you come to visit us and we take you to this awesome farm (because you can go any time for a tour, or to feed the calves, OR to get some delish homemade ice cream), you’ll have to remember to say your prayers for your treat.  Hudson did.


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