Monday, May 10, 2010

birthday bash 2 – Hudson is 5!


Look at this beautiful boy!  I can’t resist smiling at that face.

Hudson wanted a camping party – so camping to the best of our ability we did!  It was so much fun!  His invitation was a s’more – it was 2 grahams with small holes and sandwiched between the chocolate and marshmallow.  On the front it read:

You’re invited to Camp Hudson

On the Marshmallow inside invited all campers to gear up.  Info was given per the party and guests were to rsvp to the head camp counselors (daddy and mommy).  Grandparents, family and friends helped us set up for the day as not only was the demolition for the mission house garage changed to that day, but I was hit with bronchitis and a sinus infection .


Carla was the grill-meister; yes men, girls can grill.  And she does it well!  There were lights strung on the deck, a fire pit was dug in the back, a cabana tent was up, picnic tables were out, food was plentiful and the weather was impeccable.  Really.  I wasn’t expecting AZ weather for a PA birthday, but this May 1st party boasted low 80s. 

IMG_7455 IMG_7456 

After dinner, when it was sensed that the smallest campers needed some entertainment, the bucket of 20 water guns was brought out.  When the ratio is 17 boys to 4 girls, you can imagine the mayhem.  It was hilarious – and fun to watch.  No shooting adults and you couldn’t shoot if someone was refilling their weapon.  The cutest thing was when everyone “ganged up” on Hudson and was yelling “get the birthday boy”.  He of course loved the attention.  And he was soaked by the end. 

He actually just stripped and was running in his underwear.  Oh well.  It was his party.  Let him get ‘nek-ed’ if he wants to. IMG_7462 IMG_7466

The men started their fire.  I could almost hear the grunting of cavemen as they admired their creation.  We had plenty of firewood from the meadow and from the demo of the garage.

After the water, the kids went on a bug hunt.  Mom-Mom had hidden a bunch of insects and frogs at varied places around the yard and porch.  It was much more exciting than I had imagined it would be.


Then to the cake and s’mores.  The main dessert was s’mores, but you can’t have a party without blowing out candles.  I melted some lollipops and then broke them apart with some pretzels to try to make a campfire in the middle of the cake.

IMG_7472 IMG_7480 IMG_7484  IMG_7492 IMG_7494 IMG_7496 IMG_7503 IMG_7513 IMG_7519

The WonderPets Ming-Ming outfit was a hit too.  The cape never came off.  No camp is complete without fireside singing.  Lucky for Hudson, his daddy is a professional.


Happy 5th Birthday Beautiful Boy!



Knocker Boys said...

GREAT pictures! The first one of Hudson needs to go on the wall!

I want your camera. :)

Flamingo Mama said...

we had so much fun!

i love the pic of sparkles looking at anna:)