Monday, May 24, 2010

our gauge that summer is here…


How do we know that summer is here?  STRAWBERRY PICKING!!!!

We ventured out with Marion and the twins to pick some delicious strawberries that melt in your mouth and are so juicy you can see the remnants on Anna’s shirt.  Hudson’s hands were red – man, we love strawberries!

The second test?  We had the below for dinner:

IMG_2072fresh local strawberries picked by our grubby hands :), homemade salsa with cilantro from Mommy’s herb pot, freshly made meadow (mint) iced tea, carrots, celery, blackberries, cheese cubes, bean dip and our fave blue corn tortilla chips (with flax seeds in them).

It’s summer and we all loved this laid back dinner and filled our tummies.    

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Flamingo Mama said...

yeah for summer! we are doing the same thing around here! i love a collage of summertime food!