Saturday, May 8, 2010

bounce house mania

Pre-planning for me is a miracle.  Really.  But this day was a miracle :)  I found out the week before that there was to be 4 days straight of rain and thought, “hmm…how can I keep my kids busy?  How can I make it fun for all of us?  How can I not spend a fortune if we need to get out of the house?”

Solution:  the bounce house and playhouse delight.  A place not too far away has an indoor arena full of bounce houses appropriate for 5 and under and 7 and under – as well as 2 separate play structures (pirate ship/treehouse and a princess castle) with slides.  They sanitize (thank goodness for my germaphobic friends ;o) and they have special playtimes during the morning hours for little people.

I pre-planned.  (I can hear your applause.)  I called some chicas and had them bring their chico-ettes to meet us to bounce away some energy for two hours.  The awesomeness?  Um, well, mommies were allowed to bounce too!  We had a blast on the slides and climbing and falling and bouncing!  By the end, all 7 peanuts were pooped (phew!) and 2 were nearly asleep in mommy arms.

Sanitizer provided…and….Mission accomplished.

IMG_7408  IMG_7411 IMG_7412  IMG_7415 IMG_7413



ps.  Anna is screaming at the top of this slide.  She was mad that Hudson slid without her.  She was smiling by the time we got to the bottom.  I wasn’t torturing her.

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Knocker Boys said...

For a second, I thought you tortured your children by taking them to really fun places and letting them play. Whew. Glad that you clarified. :)

Thanks for including my chico-ettes and me.