Thursday, September 10, 2009

kid friendly museums - luv em!

We met Mom-Mom, Aunt Jenny, Caleb, Naomi and Ruby on our way through Philly at the Please Touch Museum. What an amazing treat! This place rocked. Seriously. Check the link. I've been talking about it for days, as has been Hudson. He tells his friends about the grocery store and the carousel. This is our adorable niece Naomi givin' her carousel mountain ram so luvin. ha!

Aunt Jenny and Anna checkin' out the SEPTA bus - is Hudson driving? Watch out!
Ruby and Anna loved grocery shopping with carts their size in the grocery store.

Hudson and Caleb were very serious about their jobs as checkers...the machines actually worked and when they passed the food over the scanner, it beeped for every item :) The aisles were complete with lights to signal being open.
Another really cute shot of our Shop-Rite shoppers.


Knocker Boys said...

Can't wait to take the boys to check it out!

Flamingo Mama said...

i really wanted to take the kids this summer and never got around to it. Jon and Kate had an episode there. it does look super cool.

ok...i'm done my catching up marathon:) looking forward to seeing you again in real life:)