Wednesday, September 9, 2009

he loves her...

Yes, he loves her. This is what I found at the table as we were preparing to leave for time with the NJ clan this past weekend. My son, busy at work on a picture. Not just busy, but 15 minutes into coloring one page, very carefully. I assumed the delightful and carefully colored pictured was for Mom-Mom. Silly me. This was not the case!

Hudson knew that we were going to NJ to celebrate Anna's birthday. Early, but to celebrate with family and enjoy the gift of her for two years. This loving brother (yet at times that love dissipates like the vapor of a boiling pot of water) was artfully desigining a happy birthday picture for his little sister.

Not only that, but as soon as he hopped down from the table, he searched the toys for a gift that he wanted to wrap to give her. He decided on the Little People airplane. Now for those of you who don't know, airplanes are a big deal to Hudson, so I was really surprised when that was the toy that was selected!

After careful selection, the gift had to be wrapped, "bowed" and "tied" with Anna's birthday picture attached to the top. He couldn't wait for her to open it. He kept telling her "Anna Banana, you're really gonna like my present. It's an airplane and a cool picture I made for you."

At least he's got the thoughtfulness part of gift giving down! :P


Bryan said...

Cool story ... looks like a little bit of "Uncle B" in him - the tongue out while focusing in the top picture!

Knocker Boys said...

That is sweet.