Sunday, September 27, 2009

i luh you, mommy

"I luh you, mommy. I luh you, mommy. I luh you."

How it warms my heart. Makes me smile. Makes me want to sing and kiss her all over. Anna has recently taken to singing these beautiful words as she walks around the house. I think it's triggered when she is thankful for something, but as I can't see her thought bubble, it's kinda hard to tell for sure.

She says it when she walks down the hall. She says it when you give her a snack. First it comes as, "Tank you, Mommy. I luh you, Mommy." She proclaims it as she dances in the living room with her naked freedom (naked babies are just too cute! plus, it helps with the casual potty training approach we have around here :) She says it as she plays with her Little People Princess Castle. She unabashedly proclaims it as she stands at the door to wave to you as you head to the grocery store.

Wouldn't that make you stop and just smile?

Her verbal lovin has made me ponder if I have said that enough to my heavenly Father. Wouldn't it make him smile just as much if I continually walk around the house loving Him with my words and my heart?

Shouldn't my thankfulness for something be extended into gratefulness and love to my Father who gave it to me?

Shouldn't I dance in delight at what has been generously given to me and proclaim my love? Doesn't my thankfulness need to come from deep inside, instead of merely a list of "thank you fors"?

"Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; His love endures forever." Psalm 107:1

"I luh you, Father God. I luh you."


The Wyler Family said...

beautiful! isn't it amazing how much being a mother changes and enriches the relationship with Father?? It's a beautiful thing.

Knocker Boys said...

That's sweet. And a good reminder for me too!