Thursday, September 10, 2009

deep in the 100 acre woods

Anna loves Pooh. I can't quite figure out if it is because she can actually say "pooh", or if she really likes him - or if it is both...which is likely. Here's Miss Pooh with Aunt Steph at her Smith family celebration.
Wow, we "akchulee" (Hudson's new favorite word) got a family picture - and don't look too dorky.
Leave it up to Hudson to find the hose. And soak himself. And daddy.
Anna's yummy birthday cake. She ate a whole slice - and ice cream - and m&ms. It was her birthday.
Mom-Mom cutting slices for everyone - that's Hudson anxiously waiting for a piece with a flower...akchullee.

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Knocker Boys said...

I don't know about not looking dorky in that picture. Maybe it's the pooh ears? :)

I love to hear my kids say akchullee too! It's too funny.

Uh, hello. Can I come to a Smith celebration? That cake looks