Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Movie Star and Rock Star

My children have recently become obsessed with their sunglasses. Maybe it's because I make a big deal when they wear them. Maybe it's because Hudson misses the 13 pairs he used to wear when we played outside (sigh....) in AZ. Maybe it's because they know they are too unbearably cute when they wear them. Maybe it's because Daddy wears his everywhere, all the time, every day....he claims people with light colored eyes need them more - can anyone else attest to this? Either way, they look cute - here are a few I captured of the Movie Star. The Rock Star was not available for the paparazzi that day.

The Rock Star was recently available for comment concerning his passion for cooking. This little man wants to be "a pilot so I can fly in a plane whenever I want and it will have 2 seats on each side of the aisle and room for me to fly mommy and daddy and Anna wherever we want to go." Dream on little man, dream on - I'm all for that goal in life! But, in addition to that love, he has always enjoyed helping in the kitchen. In fact, for the past 2 Christmases and birthdays, he has been getting cooking utensils, play food, a kitchen, an apron, etc. I take full advantage of my little helper; he even does clean up with the dishes!!!! (He's mine ladies, all mine.) One recent morning Anna chose to take an AM siesta again and we made a chef hat for Hudson - he loved it. And then, we had to make something while in full chef regalia, so we made low fat chocolate cupcakes with full-fat peanut butter icing (yes, that's how I justify my indulgences). :)


dana said...

My little banana! I love her so!

Tell my boy I need a sou chef! he is hired such a cute pic!

Jason and Tawndee Dillard said...

I attest to the light color eyes needing sunglasses more frequently. We are much more sensitive to bright light. My husband and I say this all the time.