Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Farm Show

We ventured into uncharted territory, Marion and I. We took 4 children under 3 to the Farm Show. Those of you who aren't from the area are thinking, "What the world is a farm show?" And I must tell you, I don't even remember ever going to the farm show, and I grew up in the area! A farm show is basically as it is named. There is a large complex with every kind of agricultural product and bi-product you could imagine. Animals to pet, food, clothing made from a freshly shorn sheep, tractors, play areas, horse shows and animal contests. We had a good time with the kids, but we had to convince ourselves of that fact while we waited for a bus in 15 degree weather for 15 minutes! By the time a bus arrived (that wasn't too full or actually took strollers and screaming children because they were frozen to near the point of us almost leaving and going to the local mall for the morning), we were wondering if we really should've entered into this brave new world of agricultural bliss. Once we saw Hudson and James enjoy petting the cows (Sam and Anna weren't too into getting close to the huge beasts - see below), and all the children enjoy seeing the varied animals, and eating the yummy food (fresh fruit slushees!), we realized it was worth the experience. We think. Next year we may wait for a day that is at least 40 degrees though.

That's what Anna thought of being placed close enough to the cow to pet him.

These guys are in a tractor wheel...and lovin' the slushee.


Marion said...

And there was the kind lady who took pity on us... she got a blanket out of her car so we could wrap the kids and try to warm them. Then, she told us to keep it because we might need it later. Ahh... Yes, let's go next year, only if it's "warm" weather.

Oh, and I never went to the farm show growing up either! (Maybe our parents had more sense.)

The Wyler Family said...

that sounds like a lot of fun. how adventurous! i'm sure the kids had a blast, except for the freezing cold. better pick a warmer day next year. :)

Barb Norton said...

The weather for the PA Farm Show is always... um... interesting. Don't count on it ever being nice. This year it was bitterly cold, some years it snows several feet of snow, or rain. It's always an adventure the week of the farm show.