Friday, January 16, 2009

Fun in the Snow!

Yes, I took my kid out in the 15ish degree weather (yea, that was the high) while Anna was napping. We had just enough snowfall the night before to cover the grass and make it perfect for sledding with the disk. It was has first time really by himself, and after a few pushes from Mommy, he got the hang of it. It was cold, but I braved it because the joy of seeing his face was all worth it. We also ventured down the yard to the meadow (there's a meadow right behind our house) and went "sploring" in the area. Then I asked him if he wanted to take one more ride and he said, "No Mama, I'm cold. I want hot cocoa!" It was truly a ton of fun. Enjoy the slideshow!

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Flamingo Mama said...

we had snow?? where the heck do i live?