Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Communication is a beautiful thing

Communication is a beautiful thing - really. Anna has been a little speech delayed because of the number of ear infections that she had over the past year, so since the tubes, she has been babbling more, and beginning to say more and more words. Her receptive language is honestly right on target, well, actually, I think she's pretty phenomenal in what she understands - she's quite intelligent ;) By this time, Hudson was ahead of his game (expressive language-wise), and it has been an adjustment for me to realize that it's ok that there is a reason that she still only says a few distinguishable words - the sounds are all there, and she's getting more everyday....but here is the beautiful realization of today.

She signs more than 6 signs. Just like Hudson, I've been simple signing with her from birth and she's regularly used two for the past couple months. But I just realized that within the past week I can really understand her wants (most of the time). She can tell me when she's thirsty (hand stroking throat), or when she's hungry (fingers to lips), wants more, wants up, is "all done", and no. Of course, she does the cute baby things too like waves bye and blows kisses, but she just looked at me a few minutes ago while we were playing, and instead of crying or whining, she signed "eat".... I verbalized, "You want to eat? You want a snack?" and she did it again....and I realized I can communicate with this little person - and it makes me so proud of her, because she's trying her darndest to show and share her life with us. She is such a precious joy...a precious gift. Communication is a beautiful thing.


Flamingo Mama said...

amen to that!

Marion said...

That was nicely said. I can apply to different situations in our house. Sometimes God lets you take a step back and show you the bigger picture. Your house will be next. :)

The Wyler Family said...

so fun. i totally agree. i love that ethan can communicate with us so well now. we still have lots of frustrating moments, but we've made such progress and it's so much fun to be a part of it.