Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mama and MOBILE!

So Anna has hit 2 developmental milestones that make me cry - for different reasons! One, she now most definitely, very assuredly, uses Mamamamama in relationship to her Mommy (very cute!) and the other, she is mobile. It started off with a quick accidental scoot on the belly, but has turned into the full-on ARMY crawl and is closing in on the traditional crawl on all fours. She seems to get a little farther on all fours every day, then drops to the belly from sheer exhaustion and scoots. Ahhh...I was hoping to be in our own home in PA so as to not have to baby proof two homes in a short amount of time, but I guess I will have to give in and start baby-proofing this one soon. On a side note, it does make me (Beth) grin from ear to ear when I hear her babbling and then Mamamama and she gives me a big grin when I come. Below are some cool pictures from recently - Anna has also learned the joy of 'flirting' with Daddy and anyone who will pay attention to her. She likes "so BIG!" as she is showing off here.And this is her big brother, loving his trains and making sure all the tracks get used - so we have to set it up on the floor daily, not on the train table. :)

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