Wednesday, June 25, 2008

lemonade in a cup

So tonight we met my mom at Park City after her work (because Wednesdays mom usually helps me pass the long evenings with Chris at worship practice til really late). We had fun eating dinner and then shopping a bit. As we headed out to the car, I realized we had a 25 minute trip home and Hudson had a lot to drink for dinner. We were at the car, in a pinch and Mom had him pee in her empty drink cup with us around him - as we are thinking a bit that we are slightly redneck for this act, my son says, "Hey, it looks like Lemonade in my cup!" Too much, I almost lost the cup from laughing! And no, it went into the trash, not in anyone's yesterday's debacle.


Trace said...

As I read this, I was laughing -- and Ethan wanted to know why, so I told him. I wish I had my camera ready. His face said it all, but his only words were, "That's weird."

Billie said...

the playground wasn't quite so entertaining.

Marion said...

my kids think that it's totally acceptable to pee in a cup... we've been in way too many of those situations! hopefully, hudson won't enjoy it quite as much as my boys.