Tuesday, June 24, 2008


So just a few minutes ago, I walked back the hall to put Hudson in his room for quiet time (read: nap time) and Anna was playing quietly on the floor. With the downstairs steps cordoned off, I felt fairly comfortable to leave her play quietly with the toys she had on the floor. I put Hudson down, came back and grabbed an Oreo in the kitchen and walked around the corner to find Anna had made her way to the front door and was licking the bottom of my flip-flops! EWWWWWWW! All I could think was, "gross - those have been everywhere today!" I figure there are worse things she could lick, but I took her to the sink and attempted to wash out her mouth with water - she of course, thought it was drink time and tried to sip every handful. Right now I know one person that is about to pass out from germaphobia - Tracy, it's ok, Anna is in her bed squealing - I can hear that she is ok so far. :)


Billie said...

An oreo is definitely worth your daughter ingesting flesh eating bacteria! I hope you grabbed 2!

Trace said...

OMGosh! I'd die or puke (then for sure die). :-)

dana said...

hehehe that is so great! flip flop lolli pop!