Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hudson Quotes of the Week and Swimming!

In reference to Anna; "Momma, put Anna back in your tummy." (We then explained that babies only come out, they don't go back in - feeling somewhat encouraged though because this is the first time he has ever said this!)

In reference to kite flying; "It's dying! My Buzz Lightyear is dying!" as the kite fell to the ground from the wind!

In reference to where Grandad Engle is: "How long does it take to get to heaven? How do I get there?" He knows where Grandad is, and he wants to visit him at his house! :o)

Other than that, good news is that we went swimming today, in a real pool. And yes, it was heated. Marion took us to the "bug guy" pool and it was so much fun! We had a blast. Hudson loved playing with the boys and Anna just watched all the kids in the water. When we got home though, Anna's Motrin wore off and when she woke screaming from her nap, I knew something was wrong. She started pulling at her ears (which she did yesterday too) and I thought for sure she couldn't have another ear infection after just finishing anti-biotics on Monday. I was wrong. She has another one in the other ear and her previously infected one was on the line of crossing over as well. Glad she's a normally great baby, because when she doesn't feel well, you can tell right away!

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Trace said...

In reference to putting Anna back in your tummy -- I guess that's where watching Winnie the Pooh is an educational influence since Roo always goes back in the pouch. :) Very cute of Hudson.