Monday, February 18, 2013

Stunning at 7 months

Seven months old – your little life is flying by my eyes, and I’m not sure quite how to slow it down.


I DO know that you are loved, adored, desired and wanted. 


You are quite the inquisitive little lady.  You are a people watcher and we can see your big blue eyes taking in nearly everything around you and absorbing it….almost like you are filing it away in a brain cabinet marked “to remember for later”.


This month you mastered sitting and you enjoy playing on the floor with your brother and sister.  We also found that you are not fond of sippy cups, but do really like to drink from straws.  So we are working on that skill.  You like to drink water from Mommy’s cup and you think you are hot stuff.


You are quite the lover.  You give kisses (yes, we are positive now that that’s what you are doing – and sometimes now if we say “kisses” you will lean in with an open mouth :) and you love to nuzzle and hug.  You flirt with new faces but still readily give a smile.


You love your sock monkey from Anna and your adorable baby that Hudson got you for Christmas.  And your hair is long enough for a little ponytail on top of your sweet kissable head.IMAG0343-1

You are a “soothie” lover and you deftly put it back in your mouth if it happens to fall out.IMG_2374

All we know is that you’re quite the heart fisherlady; you’ve captured us – hook, line and sinker.

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Leslie said...

Oh my goodness, I love this post - she is so beautiful! The smiles! The sparkling eyes! She's sitting! It's such a big thing, isn't it? Sitting... they were just an infant in our arms and then all of the sudden then can do something without us - sit. Ours is 6.5 months and not sitting on her own yet... I'm OK with that!

Thanks for posting all of the gorgeous photos! I bet her bro and sis are so in love!