Monday, February 11, 2013

100 days smart-er

Being 100 days smarter is a big deal.  Seriously.  I mean, 100 days of school and learning?  That’s a lot of hours when you count it up.  It definitely deserves some celebration!  So to commemorate Hudson’s centennial day, Anna helped me whip up some delish chocolate peanut butter chip cookie bars.IMG_2401

(Yes, I let my kids eat cookie dough.)  Licking of the batter to ensure its’ goodness is absolutely necessary.

Anna also helped me blow up balloons and string a special sign for Hudson.  This is him – doing his best “I’m a nerd” pose with his fun geeky glasses on.  (Honestly, these glasses are to a game that we got at Wendy’s that I carry in the diaper bag for us to play together.  Oddly enough, it is that we’ve gotten in a kids’ meal. It entertains all of us!)


And so, here’s to you Hudson, for being one hundred days smarter….you’re already a pretty smart cookie.

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