Thursday, July 28, 2011

Toothless wonder rides bike!

IMAG0292 I thought that if I was posting this to a world renowned news headline for the AP, it would be fun to title it as such….

“Toothless Wonder Rides Bike!”

The national hero is known country-wide for his non-toothy grin and his proficiency upon a bicycle assisted with training wheels.  But no longer.  In a move recently made by his publicist, Manic Mama, decided it was time for “the Wonder” to set aside his balance aids and go for the big boy wheels alone.

The Wonder” has been seen near the cow pasture attempting his new transport for short periods.  In true super hero fashion, he was reported stating, “Hanging up my cape and rocket fuel powered boosters was difficult ~ but I am prepared to become a cleaner, greener superhero and take to the roads…no matter the difficulties I may face.”

On Tuesday, Wonder met the reality of his decision and conquered the loop.  He successfully navigated a flat basketball playground, riddled with puddles, a water splashing nemesis Anna Banana, and a few tetherball poles.  Local fans heard of his feat and rushed to the site, where a bystander caught this video.


Anonymous said...

Great article, Beth!!
Thanks for sharing. H is great at riding his bike......... tell him I said "GOOD JOB"......Aunt Steph

Angie said...

The Toothless Wonder is now ready to join forces with the Lehman Trifecta at the rail trail! Hooray!!!

Tracy Watanabe said...

That totally rocks! Way to go, Hugs! That's fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Great job little man!