Saturday, July 2, 2011

Suh-weet Cherries!

Anna’s favorite fruit, if asked, at all times:


Anna Cherries She was in heaven last night!  We went cherry picking at a local orchard (which we love, as they have all kinds of u-pick fruits the entire summer season!).  Grandmom and Uncle Bryan joined us in our venture and we managed to very quickly assemble close to 17 pounds of cherries.  And we didn’t move from where we started.mmm cherries The cherries were plentiful – abundant, really.  And


bryan cherriesNeedless to say, they were sampled.  Or shall I say, they were really our dessert as we picked post-dinner.  These pictures don’t do the faces justice, but these 2 little people were covered in cherry juice.  Particularly their cheeks, lips, and chins…..with drips that made rivers down their hands onto their elbows as they ate more than they were picking.anna look cherries Hudson cherries Here’s to cheery times with cherries!

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Tracy Watanabe said...

Who needs Pavlov? Just show Tracy your blog post and she starts drooling!

Love ya!