Friday, July 8, 2011

Camp Staffaroni 2011

IMG_9420 This year began a tradition.  We’ve been friends with Kim and James a long time.  I’m not putting exactly how long (but we graduated from Messiah in ‘00) and we love being together.  Due to geographical differences, it is not nearly enough, but we make it happen as much as possible!

IMG_9361 This year we started Camp Staffaroni.  Kim’s parents live in the Poconos and we totally “redneck ghetto camped” in their backyard.  I’d love to say it was because we thought it was the best idea ever (which it was!), but mostly it was free.  And we didn’t officially “camp”.  We convinced the littles that the screened in porch was an open air cabin and they slept outside while the adults slept inside. :)

IMG_9395 (Above:  Playing the bag game and having devotions before bed with Papa James and Uncle Chris.)  Having 1 seven year old, 2 six year olds, and 2 three year olds all together is quite an adventure ~ are we crazy? ~ and honestly so much fun.  There were late nights, and lots of fun (naps for all squeezed into some of those days too!).  I have over 100 pictures from the trip, so here are a few highlights.   

IMG_9389 Lots of wiffle ball and swimming in the creek.IMG_9402 Swinging on the crazy dome swings where all the kids could touch feet!IMG_9428 Obviously, campfires and s’mores!IMG_9436

Little girls tea parties that lasted for hours!IMG_9450 IMG_9497 Going fishing with Papa James and Hudson & Anna catching their first fish!

IMG_9457 IMG_9435  Sparklers!!!IMG_9483 Callie’s Candy Shop – a Pocono legend.IMG_9495  Already looking forward to Camp Staffaroni ‘12!!!!!