Monday, July 18, 2011

teeth and lemonade

Warning:  This is an odd conglomeration of pictures…and stories.

IMG_9505What’s better than draining an ice cold glass of lemonade on a warm summer day?  Selling fresh-squeezed lemonade on the sidewalk with a buddy and planning how to use your plunder.  With the help of a few friends who travelled from nearby, Hudson’s lemonade stand was a success.  Our neighbors and friends made sure that his first business venture was successsful ~ Hudson had us put out a “text” to let people know that he was open for business…and a few showed up to feast on his deliciously concocted beverage (thanks to Paula Deen’s famous recipe.)IMG_9570Only a few days later, Hudson lost his “first” tooth.  I say first, because if you have seen pics of him, you know that he has been missing his front top teeth since 7/08 (they had to be pulled out following an accident).  It’s too darn cute.  But now, he is missing his bottom 2 teeth – the legit way!  IMG_9571(with his treasure box that he created – he decided he would put his teeth in here for the tooth fairy!)  The first one came out on it’s own, and he was a bit freaked by the blood….the second one had a little help from our own personal Dental Hygienist, who happened to be present at our home for dinner that night!  Miss Angie put her mad-skills to work, and convinced Hudson that she just needed to see how “loose” it really was.  Within seconds, Hudson had lost his 2nd legit-tooth.  IMG_9595He looks too cute – really!


Anonymous said...

I love that last picture! So cute! You will have to send me a copy of that :)Aunt Steph

Emily said...

My how times have changed...sending out 'open for business' texts! Love it!