Tuesday, June 8, 2010

my dad

Four years ago in the early morning hours, my dad lost the battle with cancer, but won the war as he met Christ face to face – what an amazing experience that must be for him!  We joke and say that Christ’s first words to dad were, “Welcome Home, Dale.  Welcome Home” in honor of Dad’s favorite TV show at the time – Extreme Home Makeover.  We also said that he surely was already hitting the first tee in paradise and thought it was a pretty amazing thing that his tee shot didn’t slice right. :)

 mom dad on deck IMG_0236 b's downlaods 012

So this goes out to a wonderful mentor, incredible husband, fabulous pastor, adoring grandad, Christ-like example, amazing friend and advice-giver….my awesome dad.  So glad I know one day I will see him again.


Tracy said...

I think one of my favorite memories of Dale was when he was in our hot tub laughing at you and Bryan for daring each other to jump in the cold pool. I also loved how he smiled with his eyes.

crazybeautifulchaos said...

I had forgotten about that day until you wrote that...maybe because that wasn't the first time that bet was laid down! Miss ya T...