Monday, June 14, 2010


Right now my son is sitting at the lunch table giving my daughter the gospel message. I’m impressed – and delighted :)  It is sweet, and oddly hilarious to listen to this….especially from the one who just got his buns spanked a few minutes ago.

I like this that he just said:

“You know the angels that watch over you at night?  They throw a big PARTY when someone asks Jesus into their heart!”


Chris said...

I need to give him some good "Romans Road" pamphlets to help him make the case!

Anonymous said...

I remember Caleb doing the same thing to Naomi when he was 5 and she was 2. Jim was on a missions trip to Guatemala at the time. This must has sparked some spiritual issues in Caleb's mind. Caleb asked Naomi if she wanted to go to heaven - she wasn't in the mood and said "No!" He then proceeded to press her and say " Do you want to go to heaven or hell!? " Naomi replied - "I wanna go to Wad-a-mala with Daddy!" Hopefully Caleb's first try at evangelism did not discourage any future efforts!!!